WOW employs over 20 people who have devoted their lives to taking care of children. 

                       Proven                                    Curriculum

​                       World of Wonders                                        uses the HighScope                                      curriculum. This curriculum has been used for over 40 years and has proven outcomes of success. HighScope works with the interests, needs, and strengths of each child to best use their learning styles in order to reach new developmental levels. World of Wonders also performs a number of screenings on children and refers them to other organizations in order to give each child the best start!

World of Wonders Child Care and Learning Center
1280 Charles Lane
Marysville, OH 43040

501 (c)

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WOW Matters

Saving Union County’s Oldest Non-Profit Child Care Center

​World of Wonders is Union County’s ONLY nonprofit childcare center serving children aged six weeks-12 years. WOW was funded over 30 years ago, by a group of parents and is still run by parents and community members today!

Our Students

WOW has over 115 students. We offer an individualized infant program, a responsive toddler program, a preschool and prekindergarten that prepares children for school and a school aged summer program with summer/vacation camp!

With your help we can continue to provide excellent education to thousands of children for years to come. ​

​Thank you for your support!

 As the job growth rate in Marysville is expected to raise 39.92% in the next 10 years, WOW provides an important service to the community and will continue to provide a cost effective childcare option to the families in Marysville.*


Save World of Wonders

Save WOW


As a nonprofit, World of Wonders keeps tuition prices low. We are one of the few childcare centers in Central, Ohio that has no cap on how many state funded children we accept. World of Wonders believes that all children deserve a high quality early education, regardless of their financial situation.

Economic Impact

WOW employs over 20 people who have devoted their lives to teaching young children.

Over 220 parents and caregivers rely on the services of WOW in order to go to work each day.

WOW provides daycare to over 1/3 of the children in licensed childcare centers in Marysville, Ohio.

Without WOW there are not enough childcare spots available to provide care and education to all the working families in the area.