Save World of Wonders

Dear Concerned Citizens,

The Union County Commissioners and the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities recently made the decision to pursue the removal of World of Wonders (WOW) from the building at 1280 Charles Lane.

WOW’s facility at 1280 Charles Lane was built over 21 years ago, with private funds raised by WOW and a grant specifically designed to build WOW’s daycare center. During this time, the building has been fully occupied and maintained by WOW.

In June of 2016 the County Commissioners and the UCBDD, without a public meeting or referendum, sent notice to WOW that they must vacate the building. The UCBDD and the County Commissioners stated that they would work to find a way so that both WOW and the UCBDD would be able to provide continuous services to the families of Union County. The UCBDD and the County Commissioners also made numerous prior promises and assurances that, should WOW and the UCBDD separate, WOW would receive compensation for the significant equity that it put into the facility and WOW would be given the necessary resources to allow it to continue to thrive.

Unfortunately, these proved to be false promises. WOW has not been offered the resources that would allow it to stay in business. Instead, the UCBDD and the County Commissioners have communicated their intent to forcibly remove WOW from the facility that it built. This will result in the loss of important jobs in the community and over 115 children and 220 parents and caregivers will lose child care services.

We believe:

  • The Union County Commissioners should not be able to side with private businesses and remove a necessary community service from their place of business, without offering an alternative plan or timeline that would allow services to continue uninterrupted.
  • The UCBDD should not push to remove a community based organization from its building, thus forcing the community organization to shut down. Both UCBDD and WOW provide necessary services to the children in Union County.
  •  That all children in Union County deserve quality early education at a low cost and that the UCBDD and the Union County Commissioners should not be involved in shutting the doors on the only non-profit that offers these services in Union county. The shutting of these doors would leave over 115 children without care and over 220 parents and caregivers without a place to send their children while they are at work.
  •  I believe in finding responsible ways to satisfy the growth of all organizations without causing harm to necessary community services.

We would like to see the children of Marysville being provided with a high quality, early education and care while their parents contribute to the economy by having gainful employment. I feel it is irresponsible for the County Commissioners and the UCBDD to aid in the shutdown of a necessary service being provided to the families of Union County.

We are asking you, as a concerned citizen, to aid us in our effort to support  Marysville’s oldest non-profit childcare center. Please help us make sure that the children of Marysville are provided with a high quality, early education. 

                                        World of Wonders Board of Trustees &
                                        Lauren Brown, Executive Director, World of Wonders

World of Wonders Child Care and Learning Center
1280 Charles Lane
Marysville, OH 43040
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Save WOW

Save WOW

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